The Eye of History: When Images Take Positions



From 1938 to 1955, German playwright Bertolt Brecht filled his working journal (Arbeitsjournal) and an idiosyncratic atlas of images, War Primer, with montages of war photographs and texts clipped from magazines, adding his own commentary. In The Eye of History: When Images Take Positions, acclaimed French theorist and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman explores the interaction of politics and aesthetics in Brecht’s creations, explaining how they became his means for “taking a position” about the Nazi war in Europe. This book represents the second volume in the RIC books series, co-published with the MIT Press.

The "Public" Life of Photographs is the first volume in a series called RIC Books, which is co-published by the MIT Press and the Ryerson Image Centre.

By: Georges Didi-Huberman

MIT Press in partnership with the Ryerson Image Centre, 2018